Terms and conditions
All advertising video marketing or professional display advertising campaigns must be pre-booked and must be paid before or on the 20th prior to month(s) upload.
All Advertising rates are displayed on our Advertisers info page and will be subject to change at anytime.
You can change the content of your marketing at anytime but must give adequate notice of two weeks before.
All Advertising will be advertised for period book time specified.
All marketing must be authorized by the person or original company booking
All advertisers must pay for advertising in advance.
All photos must be an appropriate size for publishing.
All videos must be own by the seller or must have owner’s permission to use.
All Business or Trade pages must be advertised for least 3 months and paid in advance.
All Casual advertisers must prepay for advertising two weeks in advance.
All conditions must be adhering to or we will have the right to remove.
Thank You
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